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    What I Would Say In Your Funeral

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    Mugimama - Is This Monk...

Artist: Mugison
Song: What I would say in your funeral
Album: Mugimama, is this monkey music?


Bm    224432
F#m   244222
F#    244322
E     022100
D     xx0323

e|--3--5--6--5--|      <
b|--------------|      <
g|--0--2--3--2--|      <  We call this part for "1"
d|--------------|      <
a|--------------|      <
e|--------------|      <

D  F#m  Bm  E
D  E    1

D     F#m           Bm                   E
I was thinking, what I would say in your funeral
D    E      1    
Hey, that's so selfish of you
D     F#m           Bm                   E
I would tell'em how I never liked you at all
D    E      1    
Hey, you're so full of bull..


     D          Bm                D           Bm
She's drop-dead gorgeous i'd say, look at her while you pray
  D         E         F#
I think her father is gay

Sorry if all the lyrics wasn't in the tab, but listen to the song and you can play 
along - thanks bye!
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