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The Christmas Wish
~Muppets (writer Danny Allen Wheetman) 1979

D        A      Bm            G         A
I don't know if you believe in Christmas
D     A         Bm            G                A
Or if you have presents underneath a Christmas tree
G             A            D          A             Bm
But if you believe in love, that will be more than enough
G                    A            D
For you to come and celebrate with me

For I have held the precious gift that love brings
Even though I never saw a Christmas star
I know there is a light, I have felt it burn inside
And I have seen it shining from afar

   G                 A              D   D7
   Christmas is the time to come together
   G                A               D   D7
   A time to put all differences aside
   G            A          D      A     Bm
   And I reach out my hand to the family of man
       G              A                 D
   To share the joy I feel at Christmas time

For the truth that binds us all together
I would like to say a simple prayer
That at this special time you will have true peace of mind
And love to last throughout the coming year

(First half of last verse is instrumental.)
D  A  Bm  G  A
D  A  Bm  G  A

G          A                 D      A      Bm
And if you believe in love that will be more than enough
     G                A                   D   A  Bm
For peace to last throughout the coming year
     G                   A                   D
And peace on earth will last throughout the year

Notes: This chord sequence is capped on the 3rd fret to play in tune with
the album that was released featuring John Denver in 1979.  The first and
second verses are played the same.  The first half of the offset bridge or
chorus (it's only sung once on the album ) is slightly different; however
the 3rd and 4th verses play the same as the first.
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