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Hey muse r the best band in the world n the only other tab iv seen is just a bass tab on guitar so I put the real chords on.

[Intro 1] Distortion. Mute. 
 |-xx-xx-x--||-x---x---x--| |-xx-xx-x--||-x---x---x--| |-xx-xx-x--||-x---x---x--|x8
 |-xx-xx-x--||-x---x---x--| |-xx-xx-x--||-x---x---x--| |-xx-xx-x--||-x---x---x--| 
[Intro 2] 
    Am    C    Dmaj   F   Am   E    Am   E 

Am       C       Dmaj      F 
There is a house in New Orleans 
Am         C          E 
They Call the rising sun 
Am           C          Dmaj          F 
and It's been the ruin of many a poor boy 
Am       E          Am 
And god, I know I?m one. 

[Verse 2:] 
Am       C       Dmaj    F 
Oh mother, tell your children, 
Am         C            E 
Not to do what I have done 
Am          C             Dmaj            F 
why you Spend your lives in sin and misery, 
Am            E               Am 
In the "House of the Rising Sun" 
Am        C        Dmaj           F
Well, there is a house in New Orleans, 
Am           C           E 
They call the "Rising Sun", 
Am                 C                   E 
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy, 
Am         E         Am 
And God, I know, I'm one. 

Order: [Intro1] [Intro2] [Verse1] [Intro2] [Verse1] [Intro2] [Intro1] [Verse1] [Intro1] 

Verse 2 is just verse 1 then intro!!!
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