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These are guitar chords for 'new you' from their 2013 album 'm b v' known as 'Rough 
song' at live premiere.
I trust it is correct. If something, mail me prokacper4@o2.pl
Chords below.


Asus4 - A - F#sus4 - F# - Bsus4 - B } 4 times then Asus4 and drum break

Verse 1

   Dmaj7  G     Bm                    G
   Too    close   when it's really with me

 Bm                    D              C#     Asus4   A
   Something comes and pins me to the sky to come

   Dmaj7  G    Bm                   G
   Too    slow   when the moon is with you

 Bm                D                C#    Asus4 A
   I'll be too and wish you up with me to come   soon

Interplay - same as intro, but starting from F#:

F#sus4 - F# - Bsus4 - B - Asus4 - A } twice, end on A, drum break

Verse 2

   Bm           C#m7  G                    D
   Maybe we can say,  holding you for the way

   Asus4              A
   Come back, it's not tomorrow 'cause

   F#                 B
   Always today fun we know

   Asus4                B
   Just like I knew you wanted me to do

   D               G
   What can I say, how can I feel too?

   All kinds of new you

Outro - same as intro, starting from A

Asus4 - A - F#sus4 - F# - Bsus4 - B

until it fades out.

Chord chart:

Chord - more practical/standard
A     - 07x6xx / x02220
Asus4 - 07x7xx / x02230
B     - 79x8xx / 79987
Bsus4 - 79x9xx / 799977
Bm    - 244322
C#    - x46664
C#m7  - x46454
D     - x57775 / xx0232
Dmaj7 - x57675 / xx0222
F#    - 24x3xx / 244322
F#sus4- 24x4xx / 244422
G     - 355433 / 320003
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