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    Nadia Fay

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Nadia Fay - Honeycomb (chords)

I think it's not so hard to play. Three chords do the trick. Just listen carefully 
to get the strumming. 
I'm not sure if she's using a barred A chord or not, but both sound fine.

Verse 1:

E          B                 A
Close your eyes and count to eight
A                        E
No! Don't 'cause I can't wait
B                A      
Everything's free in this field of fantasy
E        B                  A
We can hear the singing sun
We can feel the air is soft
    B                   A
And whatever hurt we're wearing
A                        E
Well, We'll just take it off
Well, We'll just take it off

              E   B
And we'll say A B C D
A                                E
I've got a dream for you and me
Sweet as honeycomb 
When I'm with you 
You take me home 
Yeah I know that we can make it
To the stary skies
                      A                    E
They shimmer like the love light in your eyes

   B                 A
So come on down with me
So come on down and dream
   B                 A
So come on down with me with me and dream

Verse 2 (repeat progression verse 1)

As I love that what you said
Falling on the featherbed
And jeaolus rain watches through the window pane
In the quiet honeycomb
Moments gather on a stream
When we tie them all together
Is how love happening(x2)

Chorus (repeat)

Have fun!!!
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