Very easy song to play...  

David Ford - Go To Hell

D    G     A
  I never treated you so mean
  Like that?s a reason to be proud
  My love I know its been so long
  But I thought that I?d just call around
  And with that smile that says
  Yeah well I knew you?d wait for me
  I can hear you say
  The day I fall down on your feet

       D/fis G  A
Go to hell         (2x)

D   G   A  (2x)

D             G        A
  Well I?ll thank you for your understanding
  I won?t be long
  And for the things around the house 
  you left unthrown
  And hey I know it?s been so long 
  but I thought I?d call
  I just come crawling back in time 
  to hear to you say

       D   G  A
Go to hell
       D   G  A
Just go to hell
        Em             Fism
Go to hell My sweet indecision
                 G                A
Do you think I?d wait around for you?
             Em             Fism
Just go to hell Cause I don?t deserve you
                    G                 A
You don?t deserve this And tell me  Hey!

D   A  G  (2x)

       D   G  A
Go to hell (3x)

Have fun
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