• Song:


  • Artist:

    Natalie Imbruglia

  • Album:

    Come To Life

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hola a todos!
this is my very first tab and i'd be really happy if it helps to someone. even more, i'd
happy if i receive any feedback to know that it was worth of it!
mailto: andyofwonderfulmoscow@gmail.com

the whole song is recorded in F# so i put a capo (actually made of chinese sticks and a
elastic) on a 2nd fret to be able to play all the important chords with those tasty open
and B on 1 y 2 string.
i doubt if it's exactly the way it's been played on the CD, but i like how it sounds.
don't forget that all the chords are given in the key of E, don't forget to put your
on the 2nd fret if you wish to play along with the CD.

finally... let's start!

CAPO 2nd

intro and chorus

they have the same chord pattern. the rhytm is very straight so i'll just give you the chords.

E (x79900) Bsus4 (799800) C#m7 (x46460) Asus2 (577600)

feel free to use the chord forms with the full barre instead of partial
(like B 799877, C#m7 x46454, A 577655) in my opinion it would give the song more energy
keeping the highest string open gives it more of this romantic mood.

Is this part, is this part,
Of the process, of the process?
Can I find another way 'round,
Other way round, round the pain?
Cuz you've left me here in the middle of it
Said "I'll work it out, I promise"
C#m7                                Asus2
I don't know how we got here in the first place.

make a little hole before the chorus as it has been made on the original record, it
the chorus' start more powerful


the chord progression for the chorus is a little bit more sophisticated. note how the
chord E is played in the open form to bring there more power and the solid foundation of
whole chorus in the very first chord. notice that the first two chords are the same 
but the bass note in the verse moves a perfect fourth down (E down to B), in contrary in
chorus it climbs a perfect fifth up (E up to B)

I climb the walls
You hit the bars
Bsus4 (799800)
I am from Venus
You are from Mars
C#m7 (x46454)          A (x02225)
You got your           brand new friends
E (022100)             Abm7 (464447)
And I got a broken     heart

C#m7                Bsus4 (x24400)    Asus2 (x02200)
Doesn't matter      who we            are
Bsus4 (024400)
Everyone has their scars
Everyone has their scars

variation after the second chorus

the last thing we have to check is this little variation which consists basically just
two chords phrase:

C#m7             Asus2
What could be so bad?
C#m7             Asus2
It's taken you so far
C#m7      Bsus4
Until you don't know who you are...

then don't forget to make a little hole in your strumming before the chorus again and
un golpe', como se dice.. aay, to tap the guitar body to make the final chorus even more energetic.

that's all,
hope you'll enjoy singing this great song from Natalie's last album!
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