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I was so frusterated not being able to find the chords on the internet. I sat at my 
and figured it out.

The same chords are played through out the song (em, c, g, d)

Em           C
I feel these four walls closing in  g
Face up against the glass
D                Em
I'm looking out, hmmm
Em         C
Is this my life I'm wondering
It happened so fast
D                        Em
How do I turn this thing around
Em          C
Is this the bed I chose to make
G                        D
There's greener pastures I'm thinking about
Em             C          G   D
Hmm, wide open spaces far away
Em                C
All I want is the wind in my hair
G                             D
To face the fear but not feel scared

Em          C       G       D
wild horses I wanna be like you
Em                   C        G
Throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free
Em           C          G
Wish I could recklessly love like I'm
longing to
Em                   C
I wanna run with the wild horses
G                         D
Run with the wild horses, oh
Em     C     G      D
whoahh Yeah, oh oh, ye-yeah
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