• Song:

    21 And Gone

  • Artist:

    Nate Zastrow

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The day was so calm and so ordinary
?Till you climbed atop the library
Sure of what you thought that you had to do
You looked at the world with a bird?s eye view
The day was the day that you chose to die
To breathe the last breathe of your fleeting life
Your decision was made and it was final
Hiding your pain  behind a weakened smile

So sure that this world was not fit for you
The fast-approaching asphalt was your last view
Your mother, your  father, your sister,and brother
Crushed by the news that they have discovered
Wishing that they had just one more day with you
They?d show you the world from a different view
They?d talk you down from that high ledge
And bring you back from your life?s edge

Now dwelling on what they knew impossible
They cry and they mourn for you at your funeral
You?re lying six feet under a dozen roses
You leave us to deal with what you have chosen.
Every tall building that we walk past
Turns our minds to your last act
We dwell in this state with a lack of closure
This is how we live now that your life is over
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