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                             If I... - Natty
Tabbed by: Louis Richards AKA MadClownDisease
Email: hereticbynature@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard, capo on 3rd

I love this song, though haven't heard much other Natty which is a shame.
It's pretty straight forward, 4 chords in the same order (though how they are played 
slightly from time to time and the last chord is sometimes played a few extra times, but 
hear that!)

(I'm no expert on chords so i don't know the names, but using a nice website I have 
to name them!)

(tabbed in relation to capo)

 G7sus4  Fsus4(add9)       C7sus4

Just repeat those 4 chords, in that order. The top e string is rarely hit, but you'll 
that when you play to the rhythm of the song.



If I...
If I had skinny jeans and I
Had the latest hairstyle and I
Stared at my crocodile shoes while I
Played you a gig an the Barfly
Could I reach for the stars
And you could watch me fly
And I could
I could sing to you all anew
Listen to and I and I (?)

If I...
If I...

If I sing you a song in this style and I
Swing my head from side to side would you
Would you question what it is I do?
Would you
Would you think I was being untrue?
But I grew up on the same streets as you
Went to the same schools as you
Listened to the same tunes as you
I dreamt of being a footballer too
But you...
But you...

If I...

If I sing woah-oh-oh-oh-ohhh....
Would you sing along too?
If I sing woah-oh-oh-oh-ohhh....
Would you sing along too?

If I decide to do a bit of MCing on this tune
Would you only be able to find me on Channel U?
Would you ever actually be watching Channel U?
So I guess I'd never actually get through to you
So I
So I sing you this song out my pigeonhole
But you'd still probably call me reggae soul
And I'll be wondering is it my dreadlocks and skin tone?
So I sing "how do I break the mould?"

"How do I break the mould?"

Would you sing along too?
If I sing woah-oh-oh-oh-ohhh....
Would you sing along too?

Would you?
Would you?
Would you?
If I...

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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