• Song:

    To You

  • Artist:

    Nature And Organisation

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                             To You by Nature & Organisation
Tabbed by: Benny Oreel
Link: https://myspace.com/natureandorganisation

Tuning: Standard/Play with kapo on 3rd bar

e|-----4---4------4---4----------4---------4---- 4---------------------------|
B|-------5---5------5---5----4-----4---4-----4-- --4-3-----------------------|
G|-----------------------------4---------4------ ----------------------------|
D|---------------------------------------------- ---------3------5-----------|
A|--4----------4-------------------------------- -------5------5-------------|
E|------------------------4----------4---------- ------------3---------------|

After hitting the last note, immediately start the first again.  The space/interruption
in the bars is intentionally...The 3 first lines of text are accompanied by the note
before the interruption, the last line is accompanied by the notes behind the
space...repeat for the next verses. At the end of the song, before the last 2 lines of 
text a second
guitar joins in, but if you practice by yourself, just repeat the sequence again.


I'd lie down in darkness with devils
And awaken with strangers that I never knew
I'd follow the hoofbeats of heartache
If I thought they'd lead me to you

There's so little magic in morning
Butterflies in your eyes and a tear drop or two
I'd run through the dawning with danger
If I could be running to you

If I cry down to God in the morning
'Who am I? Where am I? Why am I still alone?'
He'd probably show me a highway
Leading to you and to home

There's so little magic in midnight
Fireflies in your eyes and a sparkle or two
I'd dance through the darkness with danger
If I could be dancing to you

If love gives you life or takes lifetime
I'll give love or take love to you
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