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Intro: Ebm7        Ebm7        Ebm    Bbm    Ebm Abm  B Db Ebm    Ebm  Bbm    Ebm Abm  B Db Ebm

Please don't Judas me            
Treat me as you like to be treated
Please don't blacklist me
Leave me as you'd wish to find me
Ebm                Abm 
Don't analyze me, sacrifice me
   B          Db    Ebm                  
Please don't Judas me.

Please don't chastise me
Show me just one shred of kindness
Try to help me see
Guide me in my eyes of blindness
Don't despise me, categorize me
Please don't judas me.

Bbm  Ebm  Gb Db Ebm  |x2

Bbm  Db            Ebm
No, no don't Judas me
Bbm   Db               Ebm
No, please don't Judas me

Please don't headshrink me
don't disguise your innuendos
Make no lies to me
I can see the way the wind blows
Don't deface me, annihilate me
Please don't judas me.

Please don't number me
Don't betray my trusted promise
Please don't anger me
I find it hard to bear no fairness
Don't frustrate me, manipulate me
Please don't judas me

No, no don't judas me
No, please don't judas me.
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