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Last To Know Tab by Neil Finn

#-------------------------PLEASE NOTE----------------------------#
# This file is the author's own work and represents his          #
# interpretation of the song.                                    #
# You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or  #
# research.                                                      #

Song title:     Last To Know
Album:          Seven Worlds Collide / One Nil

Words and Music by Neil Finn and Wendy Melvoin
Copyright  2001 EMI Records Limited

Tabbed by Paul Hammond (ltk@pauldhammond.freeserve.co.uk)

Note: I prefer the live version of this song, as heard on the album
      Seven Worlds Collide, to the the better-known studio version,
      so this transcription combines elements of both.

h - hammer on, p - pull off, s - slide

 D            A7sus4       Em7          Gadd9

 D            A7sus4       Em7          G


D                A7sus4                  Em7
I'm way down the track, I made the wrong turn,

finished up where I started

D               A7sus4
You noticed the change come over me

Em7                  G               D
fell in love with my own reflection, yeah

            A7sus4                Em7
How does it feel beneath your own wheel,

             G               F#m
feel like an accident waking up

        G           A7sus4         A7
under a bus with my fingers crossed

F#m        G             A7sus4    A7
Now is the time we could make it up

So you lost the fear, it wasn't that bad
left to your own devices, yeah
Still a young girl, eyes on the clock
tick like a motor running out
Magnets and words up on the fridge
speak to the poet in all of us

F#m               G             A7sus4       A7
well I missed the page that you thought about,

F#m             G            A7sus4
you drew in the frost on the window pane

    D    Gadd6 A7sus4
And who  I     wonder

      D    Gadd6  A7sus4
could fail to     notice

    D Gadd6 A7sus4
the aching  silence

     Bm   F#   G*  Em
come down?

           Bm   F#   G*  Em
I'm humble now       Yeeeeaaaah

I hope you might come back
in your own time
left to your own devices

And so that's how it goes,
never the first, always the last to know

D               x00232
A7sus4          x02030
Em7             022030
Gadd9           3x0233
G               320022
F#m             244222
A7              x02020
Gadd6           xx0030
Bm              x24432
F#              244322
G*              x55433
Em              022000
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