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Say You'll Never Go - Neocolours
 C                             Em(+9) F                     
 How can I make it through the day  without you?
 G           Am(7) Em         F
 You have so much a part of me  
 I'll never know what to do
 C                             F(9)  F
 How can I carry on my way   the memories
      G                      Am(7)    Em F(9)
 When all that is left is a pain of our history 
 Why should I live my life today?

 D/F#                Bm7
 I cannot live out on my own 
 Bb6                             F/A
 Or just forget the love you 've always shown
 And accept the faith of my condition
 C                D/F#
 Please don't ever go
 F         G              C
 For I cannot live my life alone

 C     Em       F
 Say you'll never go 
 Em    Am7         D          G
 Say you'll never go out my  way
 C/E              F(/Eb)      
 Say you'll never go
 C/G                        F/G
 For we can still go on and make it through
 Just say you'll never go
 F          Em Dm G C
 Say you'll never go away

(Do stanza chord pattern)
 How can I make my dreams come true  without you?
 You are the one who gives love to me 
 You are my fantasy

(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus)
Adlib: Bbsus-F(A)-Bb-Gm-G#-A#/F(/A)-G(/B)-G break
(repeat chorus except last line)
 F             Em  Dm  G   F       Em     Dm   G C
 Say you'll never go away( say you'll never go away)
 F             Em  Dm  G C
 Say you'll never go away
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