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Actually, this is not the whole song. I still need to figure out the bridge, but I'll 
post what I know, so that if someone wants to help somehow they can do it :) here it is!

Intro: C#m  E  F#m  Bsus4 B ( Bsus4  B )

Verse: C#m  E  F#m  Bsus4 B
Tinkerbell, my winged friend I think we got it all wrong
No fairytales, no happy ending, just pre-historic songs

C#m  E  F#m  B
A cristal in my baby's eyes
I want what I can't love
So now I've learnt how to dispise
I think I've learnt enough

Chorus: E  C#m  F#m  B
Blood is blood, and blood will flow, that's all it does, that's all it knows
But I've one question, I want something, I want more
And flesh is flesh, an urgent fire, it drags you down, this cheap desire
We all want something, maybe beauty maybe more..
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