• Song:

    Ferris Wheel On Fire

  • Artist:

    Neutral Milk Hotel

  • Album:

    1998-04-12: Bottom of t...

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FERRIS WHEEL ON FIRE - Neutral Milk Hotel

tabbed by: jennifer

this may be the simplest tab i've ever written, but it needs to be on 
here. yep, just the two chords. Both barre chords. Barre F on the first 
fret and G on the third. The F-G pattern continues through all verses.

Well now first of all
We became what we always had feared
Every engine holds
All their oils on fire appeared
They finally broke through
And on your shoulder
This weight has been placed upon you
And everything we ever learned

Now I'm keeping stow
In someone's bright carnival ride
All the crowd just cheers
As the bolts break and metal collides
Spiraling through
And flying up all over the hills
And now everything's broken in two
And everything's way over

But now most of all
I am holding you under my skin
Watch these buildings fall
Watch as each weak resistance caves in
All over you all over
And now finally fading from view
Is everything we ever knew

The End
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