New Amsterdams
Death Of Us
Story Like A Scar
2006 Vagrant Records
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Key: D, G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bm -    x24432
A -     x02220
D -     xx0232
D/F# -  2x023x
G -     320033
F#/Bb - x143xx
Em -    022000
C -     x32010

Verse 1:
I don't think that 
       A      D
you're one of us
  D/F#   G      A  F#/Bb
A coated chrome doesn't 
Bm              A D    G
  rust from the inside out
       D/F# G       A
It's a ways down to ghost town


Verse 2:
I don't think that 
       A   D
you're serious
D/F#  G
That alone could be 
    A     F#/Bb Bm
the death of    us
        A   D  G
And the way we know
   D/F#  Em
we move slow

I wanna like your way
It's hard for me
to tell you wrong
I see it in your eyes
I don't think you
could lie for long
Taken like a child
Sold the silver
       G  D/F# Em
for us all
           G   D/F# D A F#/Bb
But you're gone

Verse 3:
Mop the ground where 
    A         D
the wound was bled
  D/F#    G
I pray to god that he'll 
 A     F#/Bb Bm
strike you   dead 
       A D   G
before I get back
     D/F# G
Fear my   wrath

Verse 4:
The darkest suit but I 
A       D    D/F#    G
wear it well with a smile
       A   F#/Bb Bm
On the way to    hell
          A        D
with your arms and legs 
G             D/F#
bound All the way down


Guitar Solo: Em--D--Bm-A-Em- x4, Em-- x4
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