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The New Amsterdams - Girl, Why'd You Run Away?
Written Originally by: James Dewees (Reggie and the Full Effect & the Get Up Kids)

Verse/ Chorus
   Gmaj  F#/G   Emin        Amin
Beat 1       4   1            1             1          3



One of my favourite Reggie songs of all time and probably one of my favourite emo songs
all time as well. This tab is as correct as it's gonna get. There may be some passing
that I've missed but listen for them and you'll get them. In many cases, you can voice 
(as in any song) with Cmaj chords but because it is in the key of G major, the
allows the D-note, dominant, to ring out which makes it sound really good.

Any questions: justinzuccon@msn.com
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