• Song:

    Cant You See Me Cry

  • Artist:

    New Colony Six

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Can't You See Me Cry - New Colony Six 
Great song from the late 60s
Intro chords : A D E A
Verse 1:
(A) And when I spend my hours looking at your window
And when I (C#m)see you pass by
(F#m) I begin to (C#m) feel you near me
(F#m) Still I know that (C#m) you won't hear me

(E) Won't you love me
(F#m) Don't you need me
(G#m) Can't you see me (C#m) cry

Verse 2 (Chords as in Verse 1)
And as I watch you draw your shade when night is falling
I want to call your name and blame you
For the wasted days
I can't see you through the haze

Repeat Chorus
Bridge- nice run down from A to F:
(A) Would you re- (C#m) member me
If (F#m)I asked for the (F) name of someone
(E) Who (D) loves (A) you (A- D- E)

(A) Or would you (C#m) answer that (F#m) you don't know
But (F) I look familiar
(E) Who (D) loves (A) you (A-D-E)

Solo: (A) ( add 6 and 9) (D)  then (E-D- A)
Verse 3- chords as in verse 1 

So if you see me standing here beneath your window
And if it's getting late
Remember that I'll wait for you
And watch until my life is through

Ending :  

(E) Won't you love me
(F#m) Don't you need me
(G#m) Can't you see me (C#m) cry- repeat chords and words two more times 
Can't you see me cry
Can't you see me cry (A) (D) (E) (A)
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