• Song:

    In The Middle Of The Night

  • Artist:

    New Grass Revival

  • Album:

    Best Of

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On the Em chords you want to do a little palm slap on and off to give it the same sound 
as the song. On the D in the chorus you want to hit some hard down strums. The C9 chord 
before you go in to the chorus needs to finish with 3 strong down strokes and a palm mute.


G5                       C5                  E5
Well I?ll tell you a story that?s got no end
G5            C5                        E5
I forgot my love and I lost my friend
G5              C5                   E5
The murder was easy to soft my charm
G5                   C5                   E5
But this darkness about to do me some harm
C5                        G5
I lock my doors and my windows too
D5                          A5
But that old wind still whistles through
C5             C5
I used to be so close to you
In the middle of the night
Something just ain?t right
E5            G5
Midnight where?s that morning light
E5                     D5
Midnight I?m used to making it by myself
A5                C5                   E5
Oh lord, but this here is something else

G5                             C5             E5
Well my head feels hot but my hands are so cold
G5                   C5     E5
So few years but I feel so old
G5                C5                     E5
Sweet Sally don?t come around here no more
G5                       C5           E5
She read my palm and showed me the door
C5                        G5
I?ve got nowhere to pretend
I feel like?s it?s either me or them
C5               C5
Your love was made for 3am

G5           C5   nnn         E5
I got a love that?s ice cold fire
G5              C5             E5
Deep blue dreams and red desires

G5             C5         E5
Father son and holy ghost
G5                C5           E5
Where?s the one I need the most
C5                   G5
I?ll admit that I?ve been wrong
D5                                C5
I?ve been singing the same old song
I?ve been feeling the way I feel too long

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