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Capo 1

C#m  A  B  E - Eb

Verse 1:
    C#m                 A
You say good morning, and good evening
    B                       E       Eb
The day is done, and you've come to find
    C#m                   A
The words are fleeting, I hear your quiet breathing
B            E     Eb
Is something wrong?

    C#m                     A
You come on two knees, with more than two needs
B                 E       Eb
Finding that it's all too easy
C#m              A
To be helped and found
    B            E     Eb
You slept and he said

         A   B   C#m
It is in you, to carry on
         A   B   C#m
It is in you, to lay down fears that hold
         A   B   E    Eb   C#m B    A
It is in you, to find your way home

Verse 2:
C#m                    A
Daylight's coming, the sun is blazing
B              E      Eb
New beginnings seep into you
    C#m             A
But in the end it's distant shadows
     B           E          Eb
That finally overwhelm your senses

    C#m        A
And this time around
      B             E  Eb
Is it love that you crown?
    C#m        A
And this time around
          B                     E
You'll be more than who you are

          A               E       Eb
Could you find yourself a way home?
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