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New Heights
Take Me On

Capo 1

C   G   Am   F
The entire song, 4 beats each chord

Verse 1:
I've been going through this evidence of you girl
Finding things just reminding me that you were
Always close when I needed someone badly
Anywhere, anytime you were there for me

Oh, Oh, Oh
You never left my side
Held me high when I'm falling
Oh, Oh, Oh
Anywhere, anytime you were there

I don't wanna think about doing this all alone
What's left of me 
is barely held together by the strength in my bones
I'm torn until 
you take me one baby
You take me on somehow
You're the only one that's held me all along
You take me on

Verse 2:
I've been trying to find something like what we've had
But someone else is nowhere near as close as
Who you are and I never even knew it
I will be anywhere that you are

You take me on
You take me on
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