• Song:

    Shooting The Moon

  • Artist:

    New Moon - Lua Nova

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B  | ---3------------------- | 
G  | ---3------------------- | 
D  | ---3------------------- | 
A  | ---1------------------- | 
E  | ---1------------------- | 

(intro) E5  A5  A5  B5  F5  E5


A5         A5
All of the astronauts
Champagne in plastic cups
        F5          E5       A5
Waiting for the big hero to show.
A5          A5
Outside the door he stands
His head in his hands
        F5           E5
and his heart in his throat.


D5          A5
What can he tell them now?
D5      B5
Sorry I let you down
D5       E5            A5
Sorry it wasn't quite true.
    D5        A5
But don't get hung up on it
D5           B5
Just soldier on with it.
    D5             E5            A5
And good luck with shooting the moon.

(repeat for other verse and chorus)
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