• Song:

    The Violet Hour

  • Artist:

    New Moon - Lua Nova

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(intro) G

(verso 1)
G                      Bm
  Your lips are nettles, your tongue is wine
C                       D
  You're left as liquid, but your body's pine
G                     Bm
  You love all sailors, but hate the beach
C                         D
  You say "Come touch me", but you're always out of reach

G               Bm           C      D
In the dark you tell me of a flower
     G           Bm            C     D
that only blooms in the violet hour

(verso 2)
G                     Bm
  Your arms are lovely, yellow and rose
C                     D
  Your back's a meadow covered in snow
G                        Bm
  Your thighs are thistles and hot-house grapes
C                              D
  You breathe your sweet breath and have me wait

(repetir refr?o)

(verso 3)
G                      Bm
  I turn the lights out, I clean the sheets
C                       D
  You change the station, turn up the heat
G                       Bm
  And now you're sitting upon your chair
C                        D
  You've got me tangled up inside a beautiful...

(repetir refr?o 4x)
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