• Song:

    Chump Change

  • Artist:

    New Pornographers

  • Album:

    Electric Version

New Pornographers- Chump Change (Dan Bejar)

Intro- (Bar Chords: slide up for the changes, use hammer on's for the sus2 chords) E,
Bsus2/B, Asus2/A, Bsus2/B (x2)(Some "oo-oo's" come in on the second time and
continue throughout the verses. It plays like this in every intro before the
verses except the 'oo's' are sung everytime.)

Verse 1
E                                  Bsus2/B                Asus2/A       
Stole a page from your book, and a line from your page, and flew into a
lesbian rage..

Chorus 1
        F#m              Abm                  A
Cursing mine and my own..rotten luck, another nude descends the staircase
to get fucked up...

Verse 2 (intro chords x2)
E                      Bsus2/B          Asus2/A       Bsus2/B
A city scene, darkness falls, now skate hard down the gallery walls,

Chorus 2
              F#m                       Abm                 A                  B
Explore those themes, I've heard your work's informed by queens, so is mine now

Verse 3 (intro chords X2)
E                            Bsus4/B                        Asus4/A
There's a plague on, there's a rat-tailed ensemble burying all of our
heads in the sand...

Chorus 3
F#m                    Abm             F#m, Abm
The saints and a desert use their hands (?) (x2)
    F#m       Abm            A                  Abm
Now wipe that look from your face, the world is that which is the case..

Verse 4 (ties in from chorus 3)
    A          E          A                  E               A
Its okay to be seen, dont dethrone the drama queen, just for putting
     E             B
everybody in their place..

*Repeat intro chords (x2)

*Repeat Verse 3 (with no sus2 chords), Chorus 3, Verse 4, then go back and start
from "Now wipe that look.." through Verse 4 into the outro verse...

Outro Verse- A E A E A E B (x2)
A   E               A            E              A
Go, dont stay, just throw it all away, there is you,
    E              B        A E A E A E B 
and then there was your body..............(x3)

-tabbed by John Baer (NP's ROCKED the Black Cat!! July 13th)
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