• Song:

    Jessica Numbers

  • Artist:

    New Pornographers

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Jessica Numbers Chords by New Pornographers

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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Artist: The New Pornographers
Album:  Twin Cinema
Song:   The Jessica Numbers
tabber: John Baer (eddiebauerman16@aol.com)

Intro (power chords, multiple letter= the # of times played):


Verse 1:
        A                 C                F               D
Let me through, paper and pissed, Jessica numbers tell me if 
      A                C                   F             D
we're clear write me a store just take the letter to the door.

C                  F     Em     C             F       Em  G (F D)-acoustic
This thing is your mission; the lone wish and condition

Verse 2:
A               C             F                 D
Brave under the roar, Jessica numbers steal the war
     A                 C                 F           D
Slip through, ever the thief, this poster hero, up a sleeve

Repeat Chorus then play verse chords once

Verse 3:
        A                     C               F               D            
Push me through, counting the lies, measuring all my shadows by
    A                C                  F              D
All stars shifting to men just take the numbers to the van
A                    G              D      A
Head tripping of the sadness as it passes, I've flown across
    G                  D    A                    G     
The window it frost and now...starting to feel the kicking here
   D          C                       D
At last yeah, something to keep it an eye on

Repeat Intro

Verse 4:
       A                  C               F              D
Let me through, paper and pissed, Jessica numbers give me this
     A                   C                   F             D
Lets fall, look where we land, just write the answer on my hand

Repeat Chorus (w/out F D acoustic):
        C     D      F   G Am
Bridge: ooooooooooooooooooooo (x2)

Repeat verse chords (x2)

Chorus 2/ outro:
C                  F   Em       C            F     Em   G
This thing is your mission, the lone with and condition
A   C           F              D
ooooooo Jessica numbers, how we do (x3 play intro rhythm over this)

Repeat verse chords acoustic (x2)

-Cheers and buy Twin Cinema!! (John Baer)
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