Intro: A E 2x

      EI (022100@1)was dancing 
          F#mWith (244222@1)your shadow 
A (x02220@1)            ESlow (022100@1)down memories hall 
        E (022100@1)              F#mI (244222@1)said 'wait have I been seduced and forgotten' 
          A (x02220@1)         EYou (022100@1)said 'Baby havn't we all' 

      E (022100@1)              F#mNow (244222@1)I don't like crying 
           A (x02220@1)         EBecause (022100@1)it only gets me wet 
      E (022100@1)               F#mBut (244222@1)I can't help failing 
     Eb (x43121@3)     C#mTo (x13321@4)remember to forget you
      A (x02220@1)And I know it's going to be a long time

        E (022100@1)           A (x02220@1)And I'm crying like a church on Monday 
E (022100@1)                APraying (x02220@1)for these feelings to go away
   BmSo (x24432@1)do me a favor baby 
F#mPut (244222@1)down your new god 
    A (x02220@1)                    EAnd (022100@1)love me like Sunday again

(same as verse above)
I was hiding in your bedroom 
When I saw him come inside 
I can't live in his shadow 
Is that where I'm dancing untill I die 

NoW I don't light candles 
Because they make me see the light 
That I can't help failing 
To remember to forget you 
And I know it's gonna be a long time 

then chorus

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