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Technicolor Lover Chords by New Radicals

"Technicolor Lover"
by the New Radicals

Chords by M.C. Brown Shoes

This is the easiest New Rads song
I've transcribed yet. Have fun.

E                         B    A
Doot doo doo doo-doo doo, doot doo doo

E                     B       A
She came from a world that is so far out
E                           B       A
Rollerskating into my life, I never had no doubt

E  B  A

She said, where'd you get that velvet-coloured hair
I said I got lots more somewhere, if you touch my big ____.

E  B  A 
         She said,
E                   B       A
I come from a world that is so far out
E           B     A
And I said, so do I

And she may not be the world's solution
But she's a world-class revolution, oh-hoah

and so on with E, B, A for the chorus.
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