Dirty Business - New Riders of the Purple Sage

A7 Rhythm Riff(alternate A and E on bass) w/ slide x 2 to start


Verse 1
A7   (w/ riff throughout)
The marshall came to town, his hat was pulled way down
He looked like he had business on his mind,
He didn't stop to say, he just rode along his way,
'till the stopped in at the office of the mine.

A7Dirty (x02020@1)business, dirty business,
A7 (x02020@1)                   G (320003@1)  Ddirty (xx0232@1)business down in coal creek
     A7this (x02020@1)morning.

Verse 2
I make two bucks a day, and that ain't a healthy pay,
my kids are just beginning to get sick.
There's talk been going round, how they're gonna shut it down,
if the man don't come and fix things pretty quick.

- Chorus-

Instrumental Verse (Lead over A7)

Verse 3
Pretty soon there was a crowd,
and it was getting pretty loud,
The men said there would be no work today.
But the owner wouldn't budge,
he just sat there like a judge,
and he wouldn't give a nickle more in pay.

- Chorus -

Verse 4
Just then there came a sound,
that rumbled from the ground,
everyone went rushin' for the door.
The smoke came pouring out, and it finally left no doubt,
that the mine was not at issue anymore,

- Chorus -

Outro lead over A7 -
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