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Verse Chord Progression: A5 D5 G5 A5 

 Chord Progression: 
G5 D5 G5 D5 G5  

E5 A5  

A5                   D5
She was raised as a mama should be 
                     G5   A5
Down in Southern California
A5                         D5 
And with fire in her eyes, delighted surprise 
                              G5     A5
And a look that would kind of haunt you 
A5                          D5
But one step higher in the rock and roll fires 
                                     G5    A5
Bound to put you through a change of tune  
A5                        D5
And with family ties and big city lights 
                         G5  A5
Tell me what's a girl to do  
And when I think about the things she'd been through 
       G5             D5
I sing, green eyes a flashing 
        G5                       D5
She was always ready for action  
            G5    D5    E5
When I sing one, two, three, four 
She was always ready for more  
A5                 D5
Hard times in the rock and roll band 
                        G5   A5
Rock me baby, can't you see  
A5                             D5
And after all these times and all these lines 
                     G5      A5
It's hard to take it easily  
A5                 D5
Well it's an easy thing to be afraid 
                       G5       A5
When you're out on the harmony  
A5                  D5
But listen it's an easy {thing} 
When you harmonising still for free A 

And when I thnk about it 
Something in the time of your life 
                                  G5   A5
There's not a thing you'd want to see  
A5                D5
But who can tell, yes I don't know 
                                     G5  A5
And it's your time, well it's got to be  

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