• Song:

    Kainga Tuturu

  • Artist:

    New Zealand

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This song was a real favourite when I was at primary school in the early 1990's. I 
believe it was written for the sesquois celebrations in 1990 and some of the 
lyrics were penned by the late Sir Peter Blake. The song has always eluded me but 
recently found a copy on one of those 'Warehouse' bargain bin CD's of New Zealand 
songs. I hope someone else enjoys this as much as I do - it's a challenging vocal 
and there's a mean as Haka to boot on the end!I'm planning on cracking out with my 
classroom kids at school to see if they dig it too! feel free to e-mail: write2simzy@gmail.com

G (320003@1)      Dsus4/G           Dsus4/C       Em7     D/F# (200232@1)    G (320003@1)     C9 (x3233x@1)   D (xx0232@1)VERSE 1:
    G (320003@1)          Dsus4/G           Dsus4/C      Em9 (022032@1)The city streets beneath your feet can make you tough.
    D (xx0232@1)                  C9 (x3233x@1)             G (320003@1)      C9 (x3233x@1)  D (xx0232@1)I'd fought for fame, but when it came too much was never enough. 
    G (320003@1)             Dsus4/G         Dsus4/C          Em7
But in my mind once in a while I'd find a place to be
      D (xx0232@1)             C9 (x3233x@1)               G (320003@1)            C9 (x3233x@1) D (xx0232@1)Where air is pure and water's fresh, and people are your family.

Em7          D/F# (200232@1)  G (320003@1)                         AmIt (x02210@1)took some time to figure out I'd gone off the track
    G (320003@1)                    C9 (x3233x@1)                     D (xx0232@1)but somewhere in a dream I heard a voice calling me back

       G (320003@1)Dsus4/G   Dsus4/C    G (320003@1)  G/F#To (320002@1)New Zealand      Kainga Tuturu
         Em7             D (xx0232@1)             C9 (x3233x@1)    Dsus4/C  Dsus4/B  Dsus4/A 
It's the part of me that no-one else can own.

G (320003@1)Dsus4/G  Dsus4/C          G (320003@1)   G/F#New (320002@1)Zealand    deep down in my heart 
       Em7             D (xx0232@1)              C9 (x3233x@1)  
It can call to me just like a childhood song  
Dsus4/C       Dsus4/B  Dsus4/A  G 
That's where I       be   -  long

       G (320003@1)       Dsus4/G           Dsus4/C            Em9 (022032@1)You've got to go away from home to find out what home means
      D (xx0232@1)              C9 (x3233x@1)              G (320003@1)          C9 (x3233x@1)    D (xx0232@1)
Those tinsel towns the world around were really not a part of me
  G (320003@1)                    Dsus4/G    Dsus4/C             Em9 (022032@1)I made some friends, but in the end they didn't sing my song
  D (xx0232@1)              C9 (x3233x@1)             G (320003@1)       C9 (x3233x@1)    D (xx0232@1) 
I felt the hand of my own land, the land that made me strong.

Em7        D/F# (200232@1)  G (320003@1)                            AmAround (x02210@1)the world I looked for it but I don't know why
       G (320003@1)                C9 (x3233x@1)                            D (xx0232@1)
It was here all along, it makes you know what money can't buy

    G (320003@1)Dsus4/G  Dsus4/C     G (320003@1)   G/F# (320002@1)New Zealand    Kainga Tuturu
         Em7             D (xx0232@1)             C9 (x3233x@1)   Dsus4/C  Dsus4/B  Dsus4/A
It's the part of me that no-one else can own. 
    G (320003@1)Dsus4/G  Dsus4/C          G (320003@1)      G/F# (320002@1)New Zealand    deep down in my heart
       Em7             D (xx0232@1)              C9 (x3233x@1)     Dsus4/C  Dsus4/B  Dsus4/A 
It can call to me, the land that I call home

(KEY CHANGE with HAKA - performed simultaneously with lyrics  x 4)
    A (x02220@1)A5 (x022xx@1)  Asus4 (x02230@1)    A (x02220@1) A/AbNew (402220@1)Zealand, Kainga Tuturu        
         F#m (244222@1)           E (022100@1)             D (xx0232@1)   D/C# (x40232@1)D/BIt's (x20232@1)the part of me that no-one else can own
    A (x02220@1)A5 (x022xx@1)  Asus4 (x02230@1)            A (x02220@1)   A/G#New (402220@1)Zealand, first place in the sun
    F#m (244222@1)            E (022100@1)              D (xx0232@1)    D/C# (x40232@1)D/B (x20232@1)  
New Zealand, it's my country, it's my home.

C#5 (x133xx@4)   A5 (x022xx@1)   F#m (244222@1)  D (xx0232@1)    C#m5    B5 (x244xx@1)   A5 (x022xx@1)NGA HAKA KUPU:
Ko Aotearoa, taku Kainga Tuturu
Tu Hikitea te iwi, Hoki mai ra
Ko Aotearoa, taku Kainga Tuturu
Hoki mai ra, hoki mai ra

   G Dsus4/G Dsus4/C Em9 D/F# C9  Am A A5 Asus4 Em7 F#m E Dsus4/A A/Ab D/C# D/B

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