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    Shine: The Hits

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[INT] ->   Asus  A  Asus--2x

           Em  D  G  Em  D  G--2x

Bm      G           D      A
   As I lay me down   where do I begin
Bm    G                 D      A 
   So simply complicated   the voice within
Bm             G       D
    I hear it singin' so clear
  A                     Bm         G
Invisible like a sound on the wind
   D    A                  Asus  A
We all know you are there

Em              D             G
  I just believe,  I just believe it and some times I don't know why
Em                  D                  G
  Gotta go with my gut again on this one
Em           D               G
  Not just a feelin', it's a reason
                                                  Em                 D
We know a line is crooked 'cause we know what's straight
That little voice inside

Asus  A  Asus  A
Bm       G          D  A           Bm
   As I lay me down,     I confess
         G        D      A
I'm a fool for you, no more no less
Bm            G               D 
  And in this world turning grey
          A                Bm
Strikes a chord when I say
          G               D
There is black, there is white
           A               Asus  A
There is wrong and there is right


Asus             A            Asus               A
   There is no alibi, if it's not the truth it's...........
C    Em      D
                  Falling for the truth again
C    Em      D                                      C            Em   D
                  Not by the wisdom of a man or a machine
                                C              Em        
This is not prefrence or taste that disagrees
The evidence of things unseen

the more you look, the more you'll see

GUITAR SOLO (3/4 indicates a slide from 3 to 4)

- | ----------------------------------------------------------------
- | --------------------------------------------3---5---------------
- | ----3/4----0---2-0-2---4------------3/4------------0------------
- | ---------------------------4--2--0---------------------4---2----
- | ----------------------------------------------------------------
- | ----------------------------------------------------------------

CHORUS 2X  fade out
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