• Song:

    Entertaining Angels

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    8 Great Hits

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intro is also played throughout different parts of the song including over the Chorus... is played with a slide... but i don't have a slide... so this is what i get... 

E | -------------- |  
B | -------------- |  
G | --2/7-9/11-4-- |  
D | -------------- |  
A | -------------- |  
E | -------------- |  
repeat that a couple times end with the 2nd fret same string 

Chorus Riff 
E | ---2---2---2---2---3---3---3---3- |  
B | -3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3--- |  
G | --------------------------------- |  
D | --------------------------------- |  
A | --------------------------------- |  
E | --------------------------------- |  

A   B       G                         A 
one to another do you remember me? 
  Em      G 
i feel so small well are you listening... tonight? 
A  B     G                                  A 
so temperary, the things that i have seen 
  Em     G 
i ran so far, would it take me back again? 

D            A             B           G            
Entertaining Angels by the light of my tv screen 
D    A            B          G 
24-7 you wait for me 
D            A             B              G 
Entertaining Angels by the time i fall to my knees 
D       A                 B  
Host of Heaven, sing over me  

leaves Chorus with chords 
F5 F5 E5 

last verse 
one to another, feelings in between 
i won't let go, all you taught me... all right 
close as a brother, the way we used to be.. 
i'll hold my breath, and i'll wait for you to breath 

and then the Chorus again... and so on...
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