• Song:

    Let It Rain

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Verse 1 :
D5  A5
      And I have watched in wonder
D5  A5
      As with a word, You calmed a raging sea
D5  A5
      I have seen You make the wine from water
D5  A5
      Mud and water made a blind man see
F#5 E5
      Water still reminds me
B5  D5
      Of the seaside where our eyes first met

Chorus :
D5      A5
Let it rain
D5              A5                 F#5     E5
Lord, we're waiting for Your rain to fall
D5      A5
Let it rain
D5       A5               F#5      E5
Bringing back the wonder of it all
        F#5            A5
And I can see Your face again
When You let it rain

Verse 2 :

And I've bathed in mercy

By every gesture, every word You've said

Once I spoke of power and high position

You took a towel and washed my feet instead

Water, like a promise

Heaven open, but I'm not there yet

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge :
I've been foolish
Thought I knew it all
F#5                    E5
Three times I denied Your name
E5                   A5
Your forgiveness, like a waterfall
F#5            E5
Washes away my shame

Verse 3 : (same chords as previous verses unless written differently)

A new dawn is breaking

Another hour, and then I'll leave this place

I am ready, Lord, to give my life up

I'm so ready, Lord, to see Your face
F#5 E5
     Water, like a promise
B#5 D5
     And in this final hour, I think my final prayer shall be
F#5 E5
     'Would You let it rain?'
B#5 D5
     Let Your Spirit fall afresh on me

(Repete Chorus)
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