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    Love Liberty Disco

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[INT] -> C#5 E5 F#5 (x4)

          G#5                      E5
And if I told you that somebody did love you
          G#5                   E5
Would you say "Hey show me that face,"
          G#5                           E5
And if I told you that true freedom was actual
          G#5                          E5
Would you say "Can you take me to this place?"
       G#5               E5
And if I said there is a family
   G#5              E5
A body that moves as one
       G#5                E5
Do you feel the love that invites us

The liberty excites us
     G#5            E5              A5
The disco has just begun, has just begun

         E5                     A5
Give me love, give me liberty disco
              E5                     A5
A place everybody in the family's found
              E5                     A5
On that day, we will all be happy people
               E5               A5
When love liberty disco's in town
G#5  E5  (x2)
[verse 2]

And as we step into the light of the Lover

We're all the same, there's no rich or poor

(can't hear the rest very well)

C#5  B5  A5  G#5 (x2)
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