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    On Your Knees

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    Born Again (Deluxe Edit...

I'm pretty sure this is close to correct, but this is my 1st tab, so there may be some 

Intro: C  Am  G

Verse 1:
CLately (x32010@1)she's been thinking what her daddy said
AmWhen (x02210@1)you're winning you got more friends
     GBut (320003@1)are they your friends?  If you fall they're gone,
F (133211@1)                          GSomething (320003@1)about those kinda people seems wrong
CWho's (x32010@1)gonna be there when that phone call knocks her down
AmAll (x02210@1)of the steeples, but she can't hear a bell sound
GJumps (320003@1)on a bus to head downtown,
     F (133211@1)                            GAnd (320003@1)picks up the paper that's been blowing around (It says)

CWhen (x32010@1)your heart breaks He'll hurt for you
AmDreams (x02210@1)are out of reach, He'll pull you through
F (133211@1)                                        GWhen (320003@1)you lose hope all you gotta do is get on your knees again
CNot (x32010@1)long now and you're gonna see
AmNo (x02210@1)mountain's too high for you or for me
    F (133211@1)                                    GOr (320003@1)fall too far if you can believe and get on your knees,
                COn (x32010@1)your knees again

Verse 2:
      CShe (x32010@1)folds up the paper and puts it in her bag
AmKnows (x02210@1)she really needs a savior like that
FWalking (133211@1)past her church just up the street
       GSays (320003@1)"maybe it's time to get on my knees"
       C'Cause (x32010@1)He was there when no one was around
AmAll (x02210@1)of the people, but no one made a sound
GThinks (320003@1)of her brother, who's been feeling down
F (133211@1)                      GPulls (320003@1)out the paper and reads it aloud


       AmYou've (x02210@1)given everything you got
            FStill (133211@1)it's hard to believe
AmLove (x02210@1)comes from the inside out
        FIf (133211@1)you wanna be free
          AmYa (x02210@1)gotta give your love and never stop
          FWhen (133211@1)you think about giving up
            GGet (320003@1)on your knees

(chorus, end with fading bridge)
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