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    Say You Need Love

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[INT] -> F5 - C5 - F5 - C5 - F5 - C5 - A5 - G5

       D5                       F5
verse: youve been looking for shelter on A
 C5                        G5
cloudless day, theres no rain.
D5                                          F5
youre keeping pennies in your pocket for A bottle
              C5                G5
full of spare change, just in case.  etc.

chorus: say you need love, tell me where does
that get you.  
                    F5                        C5
when push comes to shove, who are you gonna run to
                  F5                          C5
turn your eyes up above, he unconditionally loves

nothing you could say or do would change his
love for you.

          B5               F5
bridge:  has someone you trusted left you betrayed
C5                 G5
has someone who loved you thrown love away
B5           F5                  C5
do you see god does he have A face
                G5                      B5
looks like your fathers, how does it relate
youre scared of being let down, tell me

F5         C5                 F5
dont be afraid, dont shy away
              C5                   F5
hell never leave you, he wont forsake
          C5               A5
dont be afraid, dont shy away, hes not gonna
leave you.

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