• Song:

    Step Up To The Microphone

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    8 Great Hits

Intro: E7 , D , C
D          C     F            G        D          C
I say hello, to anyone who's listening, put on a show
   F                     G          D           C
If thats what makes your ears prick, this microphone
     F               G              D      C   F            G
will take a word and make it bigger, oh hello, well here it goes

E7                                        D               C
Steppin right up to the microphone, I say hey man theres only one way
E7                                        C                 C
One God one body one faith alone, if you don't know then ya need to be told
        D            C
I said hey boy its a narrow road

D        C    F              G         D                         C    
I say hello, to any one whos listening, the message ain't nothin new
F                     G    D                       C
I don't decide what's true, so when the stones get thrown
     F                   G             D           C    F            G
they either miss or they turn to glory, here's the story as far as I know


D , G , G/F# , G/F , G/E

E7                                 D                C          
Steppin up I don't step alone, the question is how do we know what we know
E7                                    D              C
the answer is plain to me, so here I go, tap the mic 1,2,3

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