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    You Are My King

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hey. i got the amazing love tab from the newsboys and it wasn't really in my voice range 
i transposed it. this is really easy to play, it sounds good, and it is really good for 
girl's voice. hope you like it.

 D     G        A
I'm forgiven because You were forsaken
 D    G        A
I'm accepted, you were condemned
 D   G                A
I'm alive and well, your spirit is within me
 G           A             D
Because you died and rose again

 D             G
Amazing love, how can it be
 D                                A
That you, my king, should die for me?
 D             G
Amazing love, I know it's true
 D                    A
It's my joy to honor you
         G    A        D
In all i do, to honor you

You are my king
Jesus, you are my king
You are my king

  The End
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