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Before the Day by Newsong
[NOTES:  This song was originally performed on piano with bass cello accompaniment and 
includes nuances and key changes not included in this version.  However, this should be 
the key that it was played in.  Hope it blesses you as much as it has me.]

Verse 1:
     G (320003@1)                AmLast (x02210@1)night while I was sleepin'
D/F# (200232@1)	GYou (320003@1)were watchin' over me
     G (320003@1)                AmWhile (x02210@1)I dreamt about tomorrow
D/F# (200232@1)    GAnd (320003@1)knew my every need

D/F# (200232@1)               GNow (320003@1)another day is waiting
Am (x02210@1)                 Cfor (x32010@1)me to make it through
               Am (x02210@1)              C (x32010@1)     Em (022000@1)    D/F#And (200232@1)there's no way that I could face it, without you
           CBefore (x32010@1)the day slips away
          Em (022000@1)            C (x32010@1)          D/F#I (200232@1)want to stop and say I love you, I love you
           CBefore (x32010@1)the world rushes in again
          Em (022000@1)                         C (x32010@1)              D/F#I (200232@1)want to stop and say there's none above you, there's none above you
              Am (x02210@1)      D (xx0232@1)             GI'll (320003@1)just be still and know that you are God
     Am (x02210@1)    D (xx0232@1)               GBe (320003@1)still and know that you are God

Verse 2:
         G (320003@1)                   AmThere's (x02210@1)something 'bout the morning
    D/F# (200232@1)          GThe (320003@1)stillness of it all,
     G (320003@1)                AmThat (x02210@1)cause my heart to hear you
D/F# (200232@1)           GWhen (320003@1)you gently call.

Am (x02210@1)               D (xx0232@1)                      AmHere (x02210@1)I am in your presence where I long to be
           Em (022000@1)          DAlone (xx0232@1)with you in the silence
Am (x02210@1)                          DRain (xx0232@1)down your love and your mercy
         C (x32010@1)      DWhisper (xx0232@1)softly to me

Am Em D
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