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Nice Peter - Man Made Lake of Love


Tuned Down 1/2 Step.

It's probably 80% right.

Any fixes email:post a comment on my page (http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/bugs2211/)

Strumming is easy just watch the video.

Man Made Lake Of Love

GWell, (320003@1)it hurts so bad

Embeing (022000@1)on my own

Ci (x32010@1)got blood and bruises...

Dall (xx0232@1)on my soul

GWell (320003@1)i feel like crying

Embut (022000@1)my tears are gone

Csince (x32010@1)she left me

Dall (xx0232@1)alone.
(random gibberish)

CI (x32010@1)feel i gotta go to the woods

D (xx0232@1)                 
and burn something down

G G/f#

Emjust (022000@1)to make myself feel better

Cabout (x32010@1)being your clown


DI (xx0232@1)feel like I'm drowning

Gin (320003@1)a man made lake of love


Em C D

(random ??)

G (320003@1)EmWell (022000@1)i called my momma

Cjust (x32010@1)to hear her voice
after all this sadness

Di (xx0232@1)needed a little bit of that home cooked joy

G (320003@1)Emwell (022000@1)she made me dinner

Cbut (x32010@1)it wasn't the same

Dcause (xx0232@1)what she cooked me

Dhad (xx0232@1)your name

Goh (320003@1)Florentine

Emyou've (022000@1)ruined me

Cand (x32010@1)I'll never

DI'll (xx0232@1)never be able to eat my momma's chicken Florentine again!

Ci (x32010@1)think I'm gonna go to the mall

Dand (xx0232@1)buy a lot of things

G (320003@1)G/f#
to distract me

Emfrom (022000@1)how much i spent on these wedding rings

C (x32010@1)   Di (xx0232@1)feel like I'm drowning

Gin (320003@1)a man made lake of love

Em C

D (xx0232@1)           		Gin (320003@1)a man made lake of love

Em C

D (xx0232@1)	         Gdrowning (320003@1)in a man made lake of love

G Em C D

G (320003@1)		    EmYou (022000@1)got stuck in my heart like a splinter

CI'm (x32010@1)gonna need some ice and a needle

Dto (xx0232@1)pull you out

G (320003@1)		      Emyou (022000@1)make me feel like I'm lost in a desert

Ci (x32010@1)just need some water

Dor (xx0232@1)maybe a helicopter

Cto (x32010@1)get me the hell out


cause I'm drowning

Dyeah (xx0232@1)I'm drowning

G (320003@1)G/f#
yeah I'm drowning

Em (022000@1)       Cin (x32010@1)a man made lake of love

D (xx0232@1)	Gin (320003@1)a man made lake of love.

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