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Eb/Ab      Eb/G                Fm              Eb
There are times when faith and common sense do not align
Eb/Ab          Eb/G         Fm           Eb
When hard core evidence of You is hard to find
Eb/Ab      Eb/G             Fm               Eb
And I am silenced in the face of argumenative debate
Eb/Ab      Eb/G              Fm       Eb
And it?s a long hill, it?s a lonely climb. Cause they 
want proof.
They want proof of all these mysteries I claim , 
F/A                                   Absus
Cause only fools would want to chant a dead man?s name

Maybe it?s true, yeah.
Eb   Bb           Cm        Ab
    I would be a fool for You.
Eb    Bb              Cm       Ab
    All because You  asked me to.
       Abm/Cb                     Abm   
A simpleton who?s seemingly naive.
Bb     Abm/Cb
I do believe You came and 
Db                     Eb/Ab   Eb/G   Fm  Eb
Made Yourself a fool for me.

VERSE 2 (same chords)

I admit that in my darkest hours I?ve asked, ?What if??

What if we created some kind of manmade faith like this

Out of good intentions or emotional invention

And after life is through there will be no You.

Cause they want proof of all these miracles I claim ,

Cause only fools believe that men can walk on waves.


Ab/Cb                Cm
Unaware of popularity
Abm/Cb                     Cm
Unconcerned with dignity
Cm/Bb   F/A
You made me free.
That?s proof enough for me.

CHORUS (same chords, different words)
I would be a fool for You.
Only if You asked me to.
A simpleton who?s only thnking of the cause of love.

I will speak Jesus name.
If that makes me craze, they can call me crazed.
I?m happy to be seemingly naive.
I do believe You cam and made Yourself a fool for me.
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