• Song:

    Heard So Much About You

  • Artist:

    Nick Barker

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Heard So Much About You Chords by Nick Barker

A - F#m - D
A - F#m - D - E

I hope that this gets your attention
A sticky piece of my affection
I read your book and I've seen your movie
You've been an inspiration to me

                                  D                       A
I heard so much about you ooh
                D                          B
So much about you ooh
                                    D                     A
Lord I heard so much about you ooh
           F#m           E            D
And I know that it's all true

At night I lie down in your driveway
And pray you run me over some day
My ribs are sore and my heart is bitter
'Cause I've been sleeping on your promo picture

(chorus without last line)

           F#m                   E                       D                 A
If you notice a strange little guy at the front of the stage
 D       F#m                        E
With his hands deep in his pockets, strange smile, vacant eyes
Well don't worry it's only me, it's only little old me


I can't believe I really met you
If you sign my gun I won't forget you


I read books, magazines, everytime I turn on the TV
Therer's something else, so much going round about you
Oh lord tell me it's true, there's so much about you
So much about you

Nick Barkers Official Website is: www.nickbarker.com.au and is under the record label 
Blue. For more proof of his exisitance go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Barker.
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