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(intro 2x)  C  G  Am  F  C  G

C              G
Baby wipe your eyes cause
Am                     F
I don't wanna see you cry,
    C                             G       F   G
And I don't want you thinking I'm a bad guy
     C                G
Sometimes I say something
      Am              F
That I don't really mean
     C                 G                 F   G
The last thing that I want is you mad at me
C                G
I know, I know what I got to do
    Am              F
To get a, get a smile out of you
Make my lips touch my nose
          G               F         G
Cross my eyes until I go blind (before I go blind)

C                       G
Anytime I think you're sad
                      Am                F
I just make a funny face (make a funny face)
 C                    G
Even when I make you mad
                   F                      G
I put on my funny face (on my funny face)
                         C                    G
Cause I like when you smile (I like when you smile)
                   Am                    F
I love when you laugh (I love when you laugh)
    C                  G
I love when you do it too
So let me see your funny face (your funny face)

( C  G  Am  F   C  G  F G ) (2x)
(segunda vez sem o ultimo G )
It tickles me to see
You trying not to laugh at me
?Cause we both know you're not as tough as you seem
I know you wanna laugh c'mon
I know you wanna laugh c'mon
I know you wanna laugh c'mon
Laugh with me c'mon, oh oh oh


( C  G  Am  F C  G  F ) (2x)
Stick your tongue out
I'll stick mine out too
You roll your eyes
And I laugh at you
You say I hate you
I say I love you (yeah 3x)
No matter what you do
I can't stay mad at you
And you can't stay mad at me
So what are we gonna do?
Make a funny face
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