• Song:

    Lay Me Low

  • Artist:

    Nick Cave And The Bad Seed

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Bb5          D5
They're gonna lay me low (lay me low)
D5              Eb5             Bb5
They're gonna sink me in the snow
               Eb5                        Bb5
They're gonna throw back their heads and crow,
C5      F5
When i go
F5                       Bb5           D5
They're gonna jump and shout (lay me low)
               Eb5              Bb5
They're gonna wave their arms about
         Eb5               D5
All the stories will come out
       G5  Eb5 / F5
When I go
                         Bb5            D5
All the stars will glow bright (lay me low)
         Eb5                     Bb5
All my friends will give up the fight
                Eb5                  Bb5
They'll see my work in a different light
C5      F5
When i go
F5                           Bb5              D5
They'll try telephoning my mother (lay me low)
         Eb5               Bb5
They'll end up getting my brother
                 Eb5              D5
Who'll spill the story on some long lost lover
            G5         Eb5 / F5
that they hardly know

Eb5              Bb5   Eb5            Bb5
Hats off to the man, On top of the world
 D5                G5             C5               F5
Come crawl up here baby, and I'll show you how it works
                   Bb5                  D5
If you wanna be my friend and you wanna repent
                       Eb5                     Bb5
And you want it all to end and you wanna know when
           Eb5                             D5
Then do it now, don't care how take your final bow
        G5                      Eb5             F5
Make a stand, take my hand, and blow it all to hell.

They gonna inform the police chief (Lay me low)
Who'll breathe a sigh of relief
He'll say I was a malanderer, a badlander, and a thief
When I go

They will interview my teachers (Lay me low)
Who'll say I was one of God's sorrier creatures
There'll print informative six-page features
When I go

They'll bang a big old gong (Lay me low)
The motorcade will be ten miles long
The world will join together for a farewell song
When they put me down below

They'll sound a fluegelhorn (Lay me low)
And the sea will rage, and the sky will storm
All man and beast will mourn
When I go

Hats off to the man
On top of the world
Come crawl up here, baby
And we can watch this damn thing turn
If you wanna be my friend
And you wanna repent
And you want it all to end
And you wanna know when
Well do it now Do it now
Take a long last bow
Take my hand Make a stand
And blow it all to hell

Lay me low...
When I go...
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