• Song:

    More News From Nowhere

  • Artist:

    Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, MORE NEWS FROM NOWHERE

Warren plucks a little riff at the beginning of each verse on his violin. They?re 
variations on the following (transcribed for guitar, of course).


C                                                                      F
I walk into the corner of my room, see my friends in high places
I don't know which is which and whom is whom, they've stolen each other's faces
Janet is there with her high-hatting hair full of bedroom feathers
Janet is known to make dead men groan in any kind of weathers
I crawl over to her, I say hey baby, I say hey Janet
You are the one, you are the sun and I'm your dutiful planet
But she ain't down with any of that, she's heard that shit before
I say ah ha, oh yeah, you're right, cause I see Betty X standing by the door
With more news from nowhere,
More news from nowhere
And it's getting strange in here
G                  E    F
Yeah, it gets stranger every year
C                        F
More news from nowhere, More news from nowhere

. . .

Comments and corrections welcomed.

Courtesy of Euchrid Eucrow: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Euchrid_Eucrow/
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