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Capo 2nd fret

E:----------------------0-----------------1-1-------------0------------ | 
B:----0h1p0-0-1---3b-1--0-1-0-----------1-1-1---------------0---------- | 
G:---2-----2------2--2--2---2-2---------2-2-2--------0h1--------------- | 
D:-(2)--------------------------0-----3------------2-----2------------- | 
A:-0-----------0--0-----0---0------------------------------------------ | 
E:---------------------------------0h1---------1-0--------------------- | 

E:----------------------0---0-----------1-1--------------0------1---1-- | 
B:----0h1p0-0-1---3b-1--0--1----------1-1-1------------0---0--3---3---- | 
G:---2-----2------2--2--2-2-----------2-2-2-------0h1------------------ | 
D:----------------------------------3-----------2-----2---------------- | 
A:-0-----------0--0-----0---------------------------------------------- | 
E:-------------------------------0h1--------1-0------------------------ | 
(that's just the basic thing what i hear - but i play it differently,
i think he improvised a lot so feel free to play it as you want.)

Am             Am/G     
Well I wake up in the morning
Am/F          E
Look at my clock
Am             Am/G
It's way past noon time
Am/F          E
Now I'm late for work.

Tell me, tell me
What have I done wrong?
(intro) Am  Am/G  F  E       IMPROVISE!!!
Ain't nothing go right with me
Must be I've been smoking too long.


Well I go to find me some breakfast
But I ain't got no food
Take me a shower
But the water don't feel no good.

I've got opium in my chimney
No other life to choose
Nightmare made of hash dreams.
Got the devil in my shoes

Well when I'm smoking
Put my worries on a shelf
Don't think about nothin'
Try not to see myself.

Well in this blues I'm singin'
There's a lesson to be learned
Don't go around smokin'
Unless you want to get burned.
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