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Hazy Jane 2 Chords by Nick Drake

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: Harlan L Thompson 


TUNING: C G C F C E (no capo), can be played in D A D G D F# as well

G1 G2 F1 F2 Em9 D1  D2 RIFF 2 TIMES
And what will happen in the morning when the world
                                    D1                         D2  RIFF
It gets so crowded that you can't look out the window in the morning
And what will happen in the evening in the forest

With the weasel with the teeth that bite so sharp
                 D1                 D2   RIFF
When you're not looking in the evening
But all the friends that you once knew are left behind

They kept you so safe and so secure amongst the books
              D1               D2  RIFF
And all the records of your lifetime
What will happen, in the morning, when the world it gets so crowded
                                           D1    D2  RIFF 2 TIMES
That you can't look out the window in the morning?

D1                  Em9                 D1
Hey, take a little while to grow your brother's hair
     D1                 Em9                 D1
And now, take a little while to make your sister fair
G1                      G2
And now that the family is part of a chain
G1                       G2            F1    Em7 RIFF B D1
Take off your high shade, start over again

G1 G2 F1 F2 Em9 D1

And now take a little while to find your way in here
Now take a little while to make your story clear
And now that you're lifting your feet from the ground
Weigh up your anchor and have a look round

G1 G2 F1 F2 Em9 D1

D1                Em9                                    D1
Let's sing a song for Hazey Jane, she's back again in my mind
D1               Em9                                           D1
If songs were lines in a conversation, the situation would be fine

CHORDS (with DADGDF# tuning names):
   D1  D2 Em9  G1  G2  F1  F2
F# -0- -0- -1- -5- -5- -3- -3-
D  -0- -0- -2- -5- -5- -3- -3-
G  -2- -2- -0- -7- -4- -5- -2-
D  -4- -0- -0- -5- -5- -3- -3-
A  -0- -0- -2- -5- -x- -3- -x-
D  -0- -0- -2- -5- -5- -3- -3-

RIFF (strumming):      RIFF B (strum Em7 to D1):
E 00000000111110000000 00001100000000000
C 44440000000004444422 22000044220000000
F 22222222222222222222 00000000004422222
C 00000000000000000000 00000000000044444
G 00000000000000000000 22222222222200000
C 00000000000000000000 22222222222200000

NOTE: I use DADGDF# chord names even though the song is in CGCFCE because
I'm more familiar with DADGDF# names.  It's hard to know what's going on
with all the horns on the record, but this is the general gist.  I'm not
totally clear on everything.  G2 and F2 are especially iffy chords.
(from Bryter Layter, 1970)
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