• Song:

    God You're The Only One

  • Artist:

    Nick Stevenson

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G              D         C2 
Creative minds do there best 
G                     D       C2 
But none compares to your faithfulness 
G                 D            C2 
Kings and queens search for riches 
G              D           C2 
But never find what you  have in store 

God you the only one  
           D      Em7        C2 
Who can make us clean and whole 
G             D             C2 
Through the blood of your son 
         G        D  Em7  C2 
And I thank you God Emanuel 
G             D            C2 
For all that you?ve given me 

G       D            C2 
By the power of the son  
G        D           C2 
I have found my strength 
G        D              C2 
In the shadow of your wings 
G         D         C2 
I have found my refuge 

Chorus 2X
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