• Song:

    God You're The Only One

  • Artist:

    Nick Stevenson

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G5              D5         C5 
Creative minds do there best 
G5                     D5       C5 
But none compares to your faithfulness 
G5                 D5            C5 
Kings and queens search for riches 
G5              D5           C5 
But never find what you  have in store 

God you the only one  
           D5      E5        C5 
Who can make us clean and whole 
G5             D5             C5 
Through the blood of your son 
         G5        D5  E5  C5 
And I thank you God Emanuel 
G5             D5            C5 
For all that you?ve given me 

G5       D5            C5 
By the power of the son  
G5        D5           C5 
I have found my strength 
G5        D5              C5 
In the shadow of your wings 
G5         D5         C5 
I have found my refuge 

Chorus 2X
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